Photography isn't something I've analyzed too deeply. I don't intend to change the world, but that would be very nice if it worked out that way. The truth is that sometimes I like what I see or what I'm feeling and I want to remember it. Probably the same reasons most anyone takes a picture. I just get a little more emotional about the artistic and technical experiences of photography and I put some of my favorite photos here for anyone to see out of pride and vanity and the outside chance of making some money from something I love. My initiation in photography came from my father. He was camera-crazy and at age 15 (me, not him) he taught me how to use his Canon A-1 and let me borrow it for a class trip to Washington, DC. He also taught me some basic rules of composition. I haven't seen those first photos of mine for many years, but they were magical for me. I was hooked - since then dreaming about shooting projects and camera bags and discontinued film, hanging out on bridges and stalking our cat.


I hope you enjoy the photos I put on Moon Station Echo. I'd love to answer any questions you have or just talk photography, so please feel free to email. All of the photos in the galleries below are available for sale as finished prints of any size. Please contact me at for ordering information, or with any other comments or questions. Thanks for looking!